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The culprit of missing blood bag has been found! And it's none other than local Doctor Acula!

Gameplay Mechanic:

The more health you have, the worse your other stats will be.

The more stats you have, the worse your health would be.

Use your health as a resource to upgrade your speed, fire rate and damage. Don't be afraid to upgrade your stats since you can bring back your health up by downgrading and sucking blood!!!


Arrow Keys to move.

Z to upgrade your speed. (Yellow Syringe)

X to upgrade your fire rate. (Green Syringe)

C to upgrade your damage. (Blue Syringe)

Shift to bring the health back up from other 3 stats. (Red Blood Bag)

Space to shoot.


Dr.Acula - Busted!.exe 16 MB
Dr.Acula - Busted.exe 24 MB

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